President Of Nigerian Association Of Prostitutes – “I Must Sleep With Ronaldo And Wizkid Before I Retire”

The president-elect of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP, Jessica Elvis, has vowed to sleep with Cristiano Ronaldo and Wizkid before she retires.

Elvis, whose real name is Oluchi made this disclosure known during an exclusive chat. She was until her election as the new president of NANP, the longest serving secretary, between 2002 to 2015.

During the interview, she spoke on her victory at the Saturday’s poll, plans for the association and why she would like to make love to Real Madrid and Portuguese soccer star, C Ronaldo as well as Nigerian music sensation, Dayo Balogun, otherwise known as Wizkid before she retires.

Here is in part an excerpt of the chat below:

You have been the Secretary General of this association since 2002, what do you think the last leader failed to do?
See, I don’t want to rubbish anybody. My joy is that I have won and I am here to work for those who elected me.
Your predecessor, Madam Efoyo claimed you didn’t win the election, how would you react to that?

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If she says I didn’t win, let her call the police to come and arrest me na. All I can say is that I wonthe election and there is no doubt about that.

Why the choice for prostitution while there are other jobs out there?
Point of correction, we are not prostitutes.

Who are you then?
We are friends of the society. Call us peacemakers. National Association of Nigerian Peacemakers.

Do you regret choosing this part of profession?
Why should I regret what puts food on my table; built me houses in Lagos and Abuja and even trained my daughter in school? I have no reason whatsoever to regret.

When do you plan to retire? 
Maybe when I make love to C Ronaldo (laughter)

Do you mean the Portuguese footballer?
(Excitedly) Yes! He is my crush. I love him so much that his pictures even turn me on (laughter). I use to tease my colleagues that I must sleep with him and Wiz Kid before I retire.

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Have you met Wiz Kid one on one?
We have met on several occasions but he doesn’t know me. I even have a picture I took with him during a show in Eko Hotel, but he doesn’t know what I do.

So, how do you intend to sleep with him?
God go do am when the time comes.

Talking about God, do you go to church?
Of course, I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ. I don’t miss church activities. Sometimes, I would declare fasting and prayer for business to come. Whenever I’m fasting, I don’t go out or ‘do’ that day.