Rivers State is Rated among the Dirtiest city in the world

Lemme start by telling you things you don’t know about Rivers State, Mr. King is the reason why this state is rated amongst the dirtiest city in the world.

Politics has almost killed our city which is supposed to be the best, cleanest and wealthiest in Nigeria. I could remember vividly well few years ago Mr. King launched a project to KEEP RIVERS STATE CLEAN a project that could have revived Rivers state and restored it true nature of being clean and green, the project attracted foreign NGO’s who wanted to support.

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The project failed and placed our city among dirtiest in world; the foreign NGO’s flee and left Nigeria to execute the project elsewhere simply because of the kind of Government and politics we practice which is almost killing our state and derailing our reputation.

ATTENTION PLEASE: [UP NEXT] Read up the next post about Mr King to know what really happened to the project, importance and why the investors left Nigeria.

You practically wouldn’t believe that garden city could be this dirty after seeing pictures and videos from Mr. King Project below:

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