Sakawa boy alleged to have used Angela Boamah speaks


Family and friends of 18-year-old Angela Boamah Amoah are still mourning her painful death.

Since the news broke out into the public, there has been several stories that has come up, with some pointing to the cause of death.

That has since become the most interested subject in the death story of Angela.

It emerged on social media that the late Angela, the fifth born of her parents died after her scammer boyfriend used her for Sakawa which later got her Vajajay rotten.

This is an allegation the parents of the deceased young girl has vehemently debunked. Revealing that their daughter died of Cancer.

In a new development to the trending story, the alleged Sakawa who reportedly killed Angela Boamah has finally broken silence.

You remember a video came out on social media that captured the deceased and a fair-skinned young man in a flirty mood.

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The voice in the video revealed that he is the guy who has taken the life of an innocent soul, using her for Sakawa.

However, the alleged killer identified as Ernest Appiah speaking dm claims that he’s a scammer (Sakawa guy).

The 19-year-old young man established that she knows Angela but both of them were never lovers. According to him, they were just friends.

Shocked by how the video surfaced, Ernest mentioned that the lady who made the voice over in that video is unknown to him.

Detailing his side of the story, Obuasi based Ernest Appiah said he has no hand in the death of the Angela affectionately called Ohemaa. They were besties (friends with benefits).

Furthermore, he indicated though the deceased was dating another guy he was aware of. The lifestyle of that guy doesn’t show anyone who’s into scamming.

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Asked if he was able to visit Angela on her sick bed, he answered No. Giving reasons that he thought it wasn’t that serious hence shunning her.

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