Sarkodie took a tour in Kwame Despite’s East Legon mansion


The CEO of Despite Conglomerate Dr. Osei Kwame Despite yesterday celebrated his 58th birthday and got a surpise party held in his honour.

One of the many patrons who was present at the surprise birthday is Tema-based rapper Sarkodie.

Sarkodie after his arrival at the huge mansion of the millionaire, took time out to take his fans on an exclusive tour in the house of the businessman.

The video showed the rooms in the house looks like a five(5) star hotel around the world.

Fans who saw the video couldn’t just keep quiet as they shouted and drool over the building, rooms and its interior decorations.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments below:

Maame Praise: “I tap into this kind of blessings….God bless u in strength n in health..Amen… for the money u already have it”

Solomon Amissah: “U simply can’t enter that house without appreciating the cars… So allow King Sark to take inspiration from it… Kudos… Happy Birthday OKD… More blessings!”

MiSs-Posh Jesus Gomez: “It is nice to see cars and one of the huge house i have never seen before in my life. However, my heart is very full and content with what God has given me, and what He is about to do in my life. All I want is long life, peace and have enough to help out. That is it.”

Champion Dee: “See Mumu the whole Ghana and africa hip pop artist can’t even afford one of this cars. You turn mumu for there ?see you #asakaa saf deh pull up Rose ?”

Owusu Hughes: “So “this way” and cassette money nkoaa this eii????”

Eric Adu Gyamfi: So despite’s birthday is always meant to showcase same cars and mansions annually!!! Ain’t we tired of this!!! Handlers of despite r not helping the man!!! Abeiku especially has done videos in this very house for like ten times!!! Somebody u should if this is how benzos and gate celebrate birthdays! Abeiku could ve led despite to an orphanage home where his support is most needed! Yabre mo ni mo cars”

Peter Mensah Ayisi: “Ah u sark paa u have disgrace us papa a star like u walking round inspecting cars owned by one of our great successful entrepreneur..this can’t happen in Holland..will Jay-Z be inspecting cars Trump..or my sarknatives we should go to jelemiah or he blew???”

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