See The 3 Effective Ways To Cure Quick, Impaired Erection, Infections | Very Helpful

See The 3 Effective Ways To Cure Quick, Impaired Erection, Infections | Very Helpful 1

The biggest problem most Nigerian men face is that they just do not know the RIGHT THINGS to do to naturally cure their weak erections and quick ejaculation.

Instead, they rather spend money on some “new product” that promises to make their manhood size longer than a python,

or they spend money on fake products similar to viagra that claims to help them last more than 60minutes in the bedroom.

Most of these products are plain rubbish.

And most likely will not work for lots of Nigerian men just because of their poor health and working condition of their body; and other bad habits like excessive masturbation, smoking and heavy drinking.
Because these bad habits kills your manpower and even when you take Viagra, after sometime the effectiveness will fade off.

Then the problem of quick ejaculation and weak erection continues.

Why do you think that in some cases, a 60 year old man will still be sexually active while 30 – 40 year old men will be struggling to get an erection and cannot perform for more than 40 seconds in bed?

It’s simply because the 60 year old man is doing some important things that naturally makes him get proper erections and last 25minutes during sex.

Without wasting time, let me quickly tell you the 3 most important things you must start doing NOW to permanently cure your weak erections and quick ejaculation or else NOTHING will help you get better sexual performance.
         1. Avoid substances that kills your manpower
         2. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet
         3. Take medicines that boost your sexual performance

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Let me quickly talk about these 3 things and how they affect your sex life … 

1. Avoid substances that kills your manpower: If you are serious about improving the amount of time you last on top of a woman, and having stronger erections, there are certain substances you will need to avoid or reduce the amount you consume.

One of them is sugar. A lot of men take too much sugar, and like it or not, sugar is not an enemy to your body. Sugar is taken mainly through sugary drinks like soda, fruit juices, beverages and other sugar coated foods like patries, fries, pizza, etc.

When you consume lots of sugar, fatty foods then you are reducing your ability to last longer and be a strong man in the bedroom.

2. Exercise regularly and Eat a Healthy Diet: Do you know why most Nigerian men aroud the age of 35 suffer from something known as “Penis Heart Attack”.

This is the condition when you cannot have a proper erection.

And the main reason is because most Nigerian men do not exercise regularly. If you can develop the habit of exercising at least 15minutes every morning, it will go a long way in helping you get stronger erections naturally.

I’m talking about simple exercises like walking, jogging, using the staircase, and push-ups. These exercises helps your heart to pump enough blood throughout your body and to your penis so that you can easily get erections.

Another thing that has to do with being in good health, that can help improve your sexual performance is eating foods like vegetables and lots of fruits.

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This alone can help renew your body system and make you last longer during sex with your partner. I’m talking about vegetables and fruits like watermelon, orange, avocados, bananas, apples etc.

3. Take medicines that boost your sexual performance: One of the main reason why most men above 35 years tend to suffer from poor sexual performance is because at this age your body production of testerone becomes low.

So all you need to do is increase your testerone production and you will get lots of sexual energy.

         ……There are lots of products out there that comes in different forms that claims to work for men but most of them are plain rubbish.

What you need is a supplement professionally recommended by a doctor or men health specialist that will boost your testerone levels and treat erectile dysfunction.

The truth is, I was once in your shoes of struggling with quick ejaculation and weak erections.