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Hintchain is a food industry,  covering from basic food goods to systematic actions such as manufacturing, distribution, storage of food goods.
Hintchain will analyze individuals food data of consumers and inversely provide to suppliers, from traditional food value chain structure of supplier providing based on market predictions. With this suppliers can resolve issues of excess and deficiency of supply and consumer can consume food they need, anytime they wants.
Hintchain mission
–  Build personal food profile containing data of what food industry consumer see, eat and purchase and data of personal history consists of series of food behavior of individuals.
– Allow customers to have control over all data of his/her own behavior and consumption related to food and habits. Provide compensation and  data utilization if consented.
– Help customers with matter of choice during food consumption process through analysis of “habit” and “desire” based on food profile. Provide a window of possible demand prediction based on food profile to companies.
Paul, Chung
· CEO & Founder of VitalHint Korea
· CTO of Reenbonz Korea
· CEO & Founder of Club Venit
· Samsung Electronics, Network Engineer
· NCSoft, Data Platform Engineer
· BA, Computer Science, Sogang University
· 12yrs+ of relevant experiences.
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Sid, Lee
· Kakao – Kakaotalk Messaging Server
· NC Soft – Distributed File System
· NHN – Naver Phone
· Digito – NateOn 1.0&2.0
· Expert of High Scalability Architecture
· 17yrs+ of relevant experiences
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Bin, Yoon
Blockchain Architect
· Open Blockchain Forum Executive
· Oracle Korea, Business Development
· IBM Korea , SW Architect,
   Cloud Computing
· Tmax Soft, Senior Consultant
· 22yrs+ of relevant experiences

Elly, Kang
Project Manager
· Attorney at law
· Writer & Legal Reviewer of White Paper
· Yeungnam University LawSchool

ChristyAna Taveras
Global Business Developer
· Partner at ACT Ventures
· Co-organizer Women in Blockchain PR
· Colombia University in the City of New York

Isaac, Kim
Global Business Developer
· VitalHint China
· B.A., Peking Univ. Poli. Sci.
· M.A., UCSD Economics
· Strategic Analysis Inc.

Claire, Kang
Ecosystem Architect
· VitalHint Korea,
Strategic Planning Team

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