Stay safe tips as SA approaches flood season

News of flood getting rampant these days as South Africa enters the season of rain


Flooding is a temporary overflow of water onto land that is normally dry.

On Tuesday, SA Weather Service warned Gauteng residents to expect another rainy day after parts of the city were left severely water logged on Monday following heavy rainfall.

In light of this information, emergency services in Johannesburg disclosed that officials have been placed in areas susceptible to flood in case of any emergency. So, here is the major tip:

Turn Around, Don’t Drown!
When an area is flooded, it is advised that one leaves the area because entering the flood could lead to death or injury.

Do not walk, swim or drive through flood waters.

Joburg emergency services urged motorists to avoid low lying areas that gets flooded easily.

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Here are some interesting dangerous facts about flood
Just six inches of moving water can sweep you off your feet, not literarily this time but physically and dangerously.

A foot of moving water can also take control of your vehicle.

The scariest is Flash flood.

Flash flood happens in areas prone to flood when a full dam is opened or when it is raining.

Be careful of areas like that because flash flood happens so fast without warning.

Here are some things you should consider
Stay away from bridges over fast-moving water.

If told to evacuate, do so. It is all for your safety.

Move up to a higher ground or a higher floor when you see that the grand floor is flooded

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Stay where you are. Only leave when you are told it is safe to.

And one more thing you are required to is to listen to advise of safety officials during this season.

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