Superstar Maxi Talks About His Life || Music Career Past And Present Experience

My name is Abidoye Kazeem popularly called superstar Maxi, with lots of aka’s like Ezioku Commander, maxi chocomilo also king of the Choco kingdom.

First of all I want to give glory to God for bring me from nothing to were I am now, I start from nothing, from the street of port Harcourt rivers state NO1 Nnanka street Dioubu were I was born, my dad never supported my music always angry when ever he sees me singing and will ask me to stop making noise.

My mum sells food then at NO 8 Oruala street ,still at diobu, every morning I will wake up 4 am help setup the fire wood arrange stuff and push the truck carry the food stuffs she will sell to her shop, so she can be happy to give me 50 naira for transport for me to go to the Studio, and she will always say to me when will you pay back all this money and I will tell her when I blow.

It was not easy having no sponsor so I always trek sometimes to the studio because the money don’t come always, all I do is to seat at the studio and watch how people do there recording since I don’t have studio fee, even have to join the choir at Christ embassy church to train my voice and learn keys and parts to prepare me on my dream ahead of me.

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To be brief about it, my mum now fixed me at a printing press so I go learn printing, I was there learning but always singing, so my boss called me and advice me that I should stop and go follow my music career because he listen to me always, when am working I always sing.

So I left and started meeting friends that supported me with the little they have, so I can go and do demo, and some producers that now started feeling my singing and some times give me free beats to jump on, even had a group we sang together at Diobu ML SQUAD.

Then I was a rapper so when I started singing my group was laughing at me, mocking me that I can’t sing, will not also forget the day a man called me and said, You always sing on the road when ever you are passing make you no mad oh.

Until one day they open a new studio at Ikwerre street at Diobu called D ONE records were I went to beg so I can record a song, but I was ask to get fuel, so I got a fuel of 200 Naira which I begged friends for that money, and the song was produced, by a producer which was my keyboardist in church called T I.

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The very song that made me a star CHOCOMILO, after producing the song every one loves it, the owner of the studio D1 now told me he wants to invest in me, that’s how the break through started.

My journey, music has done lots for me, I have used 3 cars trained my self to the university Uniport and graduated support my family acquired properties from this same music.

In all I bless God, you can be what ever you want to be, you only need to be prayerful and believe in your self, nothing can stop you, we still on the hustle and will not stop until we get to the top.

God bless you all, and don’t stop supporting me , I love you all.


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