Swachhcoin and Artificial Intelligence [A Must Read] @Swachhcoin

Why Do We Need Artificial Intelligence to Manage Waste? 
concept of Artificial Intelligence was introduced some 50 years ago and
it is regarded as the future of technology. It generally refers to
machines or software that possess the sort of intelligence attributed to
humans. As such, utilizing this technology will allow us to assign some
tasks that require some level of intelligence -like driving a car- to

A Breakdown of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is based on four core functionalities. These are:

Knowledge Engineering

governs the ability of a machine to utilize what will call common
sense, problem-solving skills, and intelligence to perform difficult

Machine Learning

learning is the ability of a machine to utilize data at its disposal to
evolve its intelligence quotient. An AI is expected to be able to do
this without any sort of supervision.

Machine Perception

perception refers to the ability of machines to utilize sensory inputs
to classify situations, objects or personalities. This is similar to the
way humans process their surroundings.


Robotics simply refers to the ability of an AI to manipulate and navigate objects.
above-mentioned functionalities are what sets an AI apart from regular
computers. And if we do an in-depth analysis of these functionalities,
we will discover that Artificial Intelligence is basically at the mercy
of efficient data storage systems. The decision-making and learning
process of an AI relies solely on the availability of a massive amount
of data.

Blockchain: Decentralized and Immutable Data

The blockchain is a data storage system that stores data in an encrypted form and distributes it among its nodes. Therefore, Blockchain is a perfect fit for the core functionalities of Artificial Intelligence as AIs are able to access a collection of data that can be shared and audited.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Waste Management Systems

global waste management system will immensely benefit from the
utilization of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain in various waste
management applications and tools. Presently, there are firms that are
looking into automating the processes involved in waste collection and
recycling processes. They intend to create systems that are able to
recognize the patterns of data which will, in turn, trigger the systems
approach to performing waste management tasks.

Why Do Waste Management Systems Need Artificial Intelligence?

AI Is Perfect For Waste Collection

implementation of intelligent trashcans that are powered by AIs will
automatically optimize the way waste is presently collected. AIs can be
programmed to collate the volume, levels, and contents of wastes in
trashcans and enter it into a blockchain network for processing. As
such, waste collection can be timed to perfection.

AI will Optimize Waste Processing Systems

of waste processing plants still manually sort and recycle waste, as
such, the global recycling rates are still low. Introducing AIs to waste
processing systems will definitely increase recycling rates while also
eliminating human errors and reducing operating cost.


AI to manage waste will effectively eliminate the current waste
management crisis plaguing our planet. And thanks to the commitment of
firms like Swachh
to the actualization of intelligent waste management systems, we are
about to witness a revolution in the waste management industry.
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