The church will not pay taxes because the government never supports us- Agyin Asare


Bishop Agyin Asare has hit out at the government as he affirmed that the church is not obligated to pay taxes because they receive zero support from it.

The founder and general overseer of Perez Chapel, uncharacteristically, has for a while now taken into the political arena questioning government on various fronts from his pulpit.

In his very recent sermon, he stated without mincing words that stories in the media about government obligating churches to pay taxes as well threats of closure are baseless.

In his candid opinion, the church’s contribution to the Ghanaian economy which supersedes that of other major businesses goes unappreciated.

”Since the inception of our fourth republican constitution, no party, be it the NPP or NDC, has included the church in their plans. What the church keeps receiving over the years from political figures in the media are threats of closure and taxation. If governments would not help the church, they should not be eyeing what she gets from tithes and offerings”, he said.

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The Bishop pointed to schools, hospitals, scholarship, and employment the church has created and stated that she should not be antagonized but supported.

He jabbed politicians on both sides of the nation’s biggest political parties saying unlike them, the church remains accountable for all monies received and is a major development contributor to the nation.

He mentioned that in the UK for instance, the government gives back the church 25% of the contribution of its members in tax as gift aid.

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The revered man of God has been making headlines with his recent political comments and was involved in exchanges with the likes of Chairman Wontumi and Kennedy Agyapong.

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