True Story: Sex and Scandal Taboo

Dad Said I Am Sweeter Than Mum In
I am 17yrs of age [girl] and i’m a
student. When i’m in holiday, i enjoy
walking with Dad than Mum. I have this
problem that i get s**xually attracted to
my Dad no matter how i try to control
I seduced him on Saturday last week,
when my mum was away for a wedding
and we ended up making love. I have a
boyfriend but I just get attracted to my
Dad and i just dont know why.
I just feel like having s*x with him again
and again.
What should I do to stop this? Because
he told me that i am sweeter than
If you are reading this, what is the Best
advice you can give to this Young Girl.
Please be opened and Share your
thought Below [GOD BLESS YOU]