UMBRELLA FESTIVAL!! See What Motivated This Very Colorful Art Festival In Portugal!


Have you ever imagined a street with thousands of umbrellas hanging above provided shade to the people from the crouching heart at now of the year? Well! This has been finished the Ágitagueda art festival in Portugal. 

This is often not an ancient ritual that the festival has witnessed, which itself is an ancient festival. This practice to hold vibrant, colorful umbrellas started 3 years back. Portugal that’s famous for football and food is additionally home to the present wonderful practice. So if you ever visit this majestic place, try and stop by this place during July and obtain the simplest view of the colorful, colorful umbrellas. 


This can be one in every of the most effective places to go to in Portugal, especially if you’re visiting the place in July. The photographers have done amazing work. 

On the artistic scope of public art, the whole city of Águeda experiences the contact with urban art and installations of the foremost different types: the installation of thousands of umbrellas over town’s streets (the Umbrella Sky Project) creates a group that becomes complete with another project of urban art that has colored the city even further: dozens of spots were painted with appealing color variations: from garden benches to long stairs resembling rainbows, and lots of other hotspots of drawing and color. 

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The big tent that was founded for the festival with the famous umbrella decoration, is another point of interest for those visiting AgitÁgueda. In July per annum, Ágitagueda Art Festival takes place in Portugal. It lasts for around 23 days. And by this point, a good number of events occur. People everywhere around the globe gather here to enjoy those events. 

They celebrate the events perfectly. the opposite most interesting issue is umbrellas. Hanging umbrellas within the streets of Agueda create an exceptional scenario. The umbrellas are available in vibrant colors and sizes. Interestingly, local people feel no sense of boredom. They willingly arrange for the festival. So, the festival takes an exciting look. And it’s become a convention of Portugal.

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