Unathi breaks silence on the issue of gender-based violence


Unathi has decided to lend her voice to the gender-based violence surrounding the world.

Gender-based violence is a huge problem in Mzansi and something that many feel is not being given the attention it deserves.

The star took to her social media to share her view as she explains how keeping quiet does no good and how the silence is piercing.

However, Unathi is not the only celebrity to voice out but this time around, she has also refused to keep quiet about it until action is taken.

Taking to social media, Uanthi let the men who are protecting other men know that they are as guilty as the perpetrators themselves.

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She went on to tell men that women who are close to them could also be a victim as they need to stope being silent.

Unathi said: “This spoke to me in both ways……there are so many AMAZING men I know…….and many not so AMAZING. BUT allow me to keep it to ONE specific theme…….Your SILENCE is so LOUD.”

“So as I leave you with the reminder that BAD things happen when good people keep quiet.”

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