Wendy Shay restores her Pray for the World music video on YouTube


The music video for Wendy Shay’s ”Pray for the World” song has been restored on YouTube after the singer’s legal team trashed out copyright-related issues.

News all over social media days ago was that Wendy Shay’s ”Pray for the World” song had been taken down by YouTube based on the argument that it sounded like a remake of the worldwide hit song Jerusalema.

It was also reported that some Ghanaians were behind the whole saga as they reported the song to YouTube with hit record producer, MOG Beatz, bashing them for it in a tweet.

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Wendy Shay, in response to MOG’s tweet, stated that her legal team was working on restoring the video on YouTube.

However, in a Facebook LIve video, Wendy Shay has announced that after a series of exchanges between her lawyers and YouTube, the video streaming platform had decided to bring back the video.

Wendy stressed that the allegation that she stole parts of South African Master KG’s song were groundless.

”With Afrobeats we basically use the same drum pattern. Jerusalema is different from Pray for the World when it comes to the chord progressions, lead-tones, melodies, lyrics, delivery and everything. They(YouTube) realised that we didn’t steal the song so right now my song is back on YouTube”, she expressed.


She hit back at her ‘haters’ who wrongfully reported her song and claimed she had stolen it.

”It’s good to have haters because if they hate you the more God blesses you”, she added.

Wendy thanked her fans who have stuck with her throughout the whole episode and dedicated the music to them.

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