What Buhari Told The Nigerian Community In Saudi Arabia

President Muhammadu Buhari held a meeting with leaders of the Nigerian community in Saudi Arabia at the Ned of his Umrah trip.

During the meeting, Buhari stressed for the need to expose drug trafficking rings as he also called on Nigerians to obey the laws of other countries where they are.

He said: “every country has its own unpatriotic citizens. In China and Saudi Arabia, the laws are stringent on these things

“Our citizens must obey our laws. They must respect the laws of other jurisdictions and if they don’t, then they should blame themselves, not the harsh laws that they meet.’’

The President also assured them that his administration would do its best to secure the country, improve economy and fight corruption, as he thanked them for their prayers

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“We have tried in the war against terrorism and citizens in the Northeast are our best witnesses.

“Agriculture is doing well, to the point that we are food self-sufficient, as a result helping the nation to save money on imports,” he added.

Speaking further, President Buhari said he owed Nigerians a debt of gratitude on the renewal of his mandate.

“We are doing our best. I will continue to keep the trust of citizens. I am happy Nigerians have confidence in us.

“The crowds I witnessed in my campaign across the 36 states were not staged. No amount of money could have generated that enthusiasm.

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“I assure everyone that I will continue to do my best. I will keep the trust of Nigerians,’’ he said.

The leader of Nigerian diaspora community delegation, Alhaji Umar Dan Hadejia, promised the president their support as he congratulated him on his second term re-election.