What is JR10 token? Why James Rodriguez choose to issue it on SelfSell? @jamesdrodriguez @Self_Sell

JR10 Token is a personal cryptocurrency launched by James Rodriguez through the SelfSell platform. 
The issuance of JR10 Token has enabled James to eventually realize the digitization of personal brand and value. It will become a new connector for James and his fans; and build a large fan base, as well as a full range of consumption scenarios, providing users with convenient and brilliant experience in the digital age of fan economy.
It helps James closely connect with his fans. For instance, the token can be used to pay for tickets, souvenirs, James’ personal items, and exclusive merchandise as well as the opportunities to participate in his fan club activities. 
Through holding JR10, you will be “more than just cheering fans, but also the
beneficiaries of James’ growing value”.
✅Project Progress
On June 12th,  James Rodríguez, who plays for European club Bayern Munich, last winner of Golden Boot in the FIFA World Cup, has taken the lead in issuing his personal digital assets under his name—JR10 Token, achieving the tokenization based on personal brand, as well as becoming the first super soccer player who issued his personal digital assets.
JR10 token Presale on SelfSell app were sold out in 12 seconds on May 27th. The public sale of JR10 Token began at 7 am on June 12 and ended at 8:48 am the next day (Colombia Time). 500 million JR10 tokens were sold out 24 hours and 48 minutes.  

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This is a reflection of public recognition for the mix of human potential with blockchain tech. James will usher in a new era of his personal “Super” value model, performing more exceptional potential in the future.


To learn more how JR10 token connect with James Rodríguez’s life-long personal brand, 

Please read => https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/jr10-token-is-officially-launched-today-opening-new-era-of-personal-value-300664639.html

How James Rodriguez think about his own token? 

Please Read => https://twitter.com/jamesdrodriguez/status/998938234829844480

How James Rodriguez believe JR10 token can bring to everyone a brand new James? 

Please Read => https://twitter.com/jamesdrodriguez/status/1001117575525404673

Trade JR10 Token on SelfDax:
Where can I download the JR10 Token white paper?
Download SelfSell App and go to Home page, and click “VALUE” tab in the top menu, you will be shown the user cases and white paper of JR10 Token. Click “WHITE PAPER” button in the bottom page, the white paper will be sent to your email address.
Where can I trade JR10 Token?
JR10 Token was officially launched on SelfDax.com. JR10 deposit, withdrawal and account transfer are available from 13:00, September 26th(G+8 Time). JR10/SSC trading will be available on SelfDax and SelfSell App on September 27th.
Link: www.selfdax.com

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How can I get FREE JR10 tokens?

Besides buying  JR10 tokens on the SelfDax.com directly, you can also obtain free JR10 token in the SelfSell App.   Download SelfSell App and go to “Home”->”MINING” to win FREE JR10 tokens.
Users can obtain JR10 tokens through:
1. Inviting new users
2. Completing KYC verification
3. Login app everyday
4. Attending app Q & A
5. Joining SSC Keep Plan

How to get a JR10 wallet address?
Download SelfSell App and find your JR10 token address in “Fund”->”Deposit” portal.

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