Who Is The Best Rapper Nigeria Has Ever Produced?

The history of Nigerian music industry is never half complete without the the addition of rap.

Rap is the best way to surmmerize and relay the biggest and the best of all messages to the mass.

Quite adageous in form, Punchlines for those who can relate deeply enough to understand a sentence alone can have as much meaning as you can ever imagine. the more you think, the more you understand.

Not how far but how well, The industry surely have more than enough rappers than musicians, must of the musicians we have around have some points been rappers before deciding to make a switch.

However, there are some tough, multi talented, versatile, creative, and experienced rappers in the game who have shown class and no longer have the need to prov themselves for everyone to know their worth again.

Vector is not necessarily an artiste who pops up in your options when you decide to talk about rappers in the country prolly because he always been on the low most of the time. Trust me, Vec has crazy punchline, word play and mad flows. He definitely is one of the best English rappers in the industry.

Olamide is a beast. Started off a rapper, well he still claims o be one but he now he sings more. Try re listening to his throwbacks, you will know he really worths being one of the best rappers of the game. Simply the most consistent and he is flexible enough to adapt to any trend. Trust me, he is the pase setter!

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Phyno is one sensational indigenous rapper who is not only fast, but versatile, he raps and sings in his native language (Igbo). He was introduced by Olamide back then and has since then remained relevant. He has a good and great style of rap with the ability to switch flows.

Falz is one of the most creative and innovative rappers in the country. He has funny raps, storyline raps, with good and fluent English, typical Yoruba type of rap, and also Yoruba. Forget the hype mehn, Falz ha the sauce. factual rap and he has managed to create that great legacy for himself.

Ruggedman might not be regular artiste we get music from on a daily basis but guys, if you understand music, rap music to be precised, you will know Ruggedy Baba is a very talented rapper. You really need to keep a close tab on his music so you can know he has all he takes to be one of the best rappers.

M.I Fondly called the chairman nd the rap guru. Ain’t no Russ guys, he is truly worth more than what we all see him to be. It has always been a hard and tough thing for an English rapper to last this long on the radar. He has exceptional talent and most artiste sees him as an idol. He remains one of those who does not change because of trends but you won’t ever run out of good music with him.

You should know the list is incomplete without the late Dagrin. He laid the legacy on which most of the best and trending artistes trend on. Dagrin is simply, one artiste you can’t stop learning from despite been dead for almost a decade. he still remains more relevant than most of our currently trending acts.

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Illbliss, Oga boss as he calls himself. He is the biggy of the Nigerian Igbo Indigenous rap genre. He might not necessarily have much music on your playlist but believe me. Those on the west might not get to listen to his songs because of language and style but listen closely guy, Gorretti is a beast.

Most of these guys on the list have various styles of music and most of them have equal talent as that of their raps. Some of them have singing abilities to help them lift choruses for their songs. Some of them have singing abilities because of their abilities to adapt to trends.

So Guys, The question we have for you is

Who Is The Best Rapper Nigeria Has Ever Produced?

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