Young Stunna Robbed: “Literally I Have To Start From Scratch Everything Was Taken” In Port Harcourt.

The aggrieved rapper Young Stunna has taken to social media to lament over his loss, according to him the impact of the robbery has factory reset him as every of his belonging even down to 200 Naira in his wallet was taken away from him. Hungry robbers 😣 
Read according to a social media post he made on Facebook 
“So i got robbed at gunpoint on Monday. Inside my house at 11am. 2 guys got into my neighbor’s house, held her kids hostage and forced her to get us to open our door. Took 3 laptops, 4 phones, a PS4, TV, Hard drives, DSLR camera and more stuff than i can remember. This all happened at 11am on monday. I’m still in shock.


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This Port Harcourt is fucked. I have PTSD and I’m back in the stone age. This is like a complete factory reset of my life, all my data, designs, recordings gone. I thank God for life tho. The past few days, I’ve been in and outta mild depression thinking about where to start from. I can finally tweet because i just came to terms with everything that happened. 
They pointed a gun at my head to make me disable icloud on my iphone and wipe my macbook.Forgive me if i don’t share your sentiments about not trying to portray Port Harcourt in a bad light. I lost everything in 30mins, no Police, no way to trace the perpetrators.

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So yes PH is fucking unsafe. PH is fucking trash. The heartlessness of not being able to leave some things for me sef. They even took Power bank, Bluetooth speakers and N200 from my wallet. Literally have to start from scratch. oh well, God dey.”
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